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Of Ramadhan and Amar Ma’ruf Nahi Mungkar

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The little boy is admirable, and inspiring, masyaAllah!

What have we done to enjoin good and forbid wrong today?

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We are among those who frequently forget. Forget about Allah’s blessings when we are disappointed. Forget Allah’s mercy when we are upset. We forget to forgive.  We forget His hope when we feel we sinned too much. We forget His wrath when we think we know too much but done nothing about it.

We forget. We need to remember to pair up our fear and hope of Allah together. For fear without hope and hope without fear leaves us with destruction.

A teacher said once, when we are in fear, read Surah Ar Rahman and balance it with Surah Al Mulk.

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Sometimes, marriage becomes a subject that brings a lot of enthusiasm, people forget its responsibility. Many want to get married for a good imam, but forget their current imam – their father. 

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By forbiding evil (nahi mungkar), encouraging good (amar maruf) will surface.

How many of us refrain from telling our friend to leave zina, leave their bad habits, just to protect our friendship?

It is easy to promote good but it’s always tough to forbid evil. May Allah gives us courage to do what He pleases and may Allah be pleased with us.

Kukoh Bersama

Kukoh Bersama

Together with Syajarah Ants, I am entasked to put up an event for a less noticed area in Singapore, Jalan Kukoh next month insyaAllah.

I would like to urge you to attend as we gather in remembrance of Rasul SAW together with those who are in need than most of us here and contribute what we can.

We are also looking for funds in any amount possible for us to execute this event. If you or you know of anyone who is able to contribute, do let us know. May Allah reward you and your kind intention insyaAllah!

Mari Raikan Cinta • Kukoh Bersama
Saturday 22nd March 2014
Blk 10A Jalan Kukoh, Singapore 162010
(along Chin Swee Road, near Outram Secondary School)

Contributions and sponsorships for this event is welcome
For sponsorship matters, contact brother Hafiz at 9695-4261

Follow the event page here


I was sharing with a friend some tips and surah which are highly encouraged in Quran for parents who wish to have a child and  got all excited to share with the husband.  

He listened intently and then said “Just make sure you don’t place tawakal to the surah.  Place your tawakal only to Allah”  

I couldn’t sleep that night and just recently,  Allah made everything resurfaced itself on my real objective.

I caught myself having a deep conversation – having a child will not totally complete me and not having a child will not make us less complete because Hasbunallah wani’mal wakeel (Allah is Sufficient and He is our Guardian)  

Complete is those who have less but feels enough.  Allah gives when He wills.  Only with remembrance of Allah will hearts find peace.

We didn’t realise that we grow up in a society where everything needs to be uniform. Where everything needs to be the same,  and when one choose to be different,  it is considered a discipline issue.

But we know everyone is different,  we grow up in a different environment,  different interest,  talents and capabilities.  it is no wonder why we choose to rebel at a certain phase,  because we just couldn’t fit in.  

We panic when we couldn’t find mutual interest because we dislike feeling left out. We find it hard to excuse ourselves from non Muslim friends to tell them we need to do our prayers. We zone out when people begin to talk about something foreign to us. We become isolated and blame everyone else because no one could fit in to us. Everyone’s affair becomes their own. No one shares.    

We haven’t done enough yet we claim no one bothers.


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